ATHENA 2018 – the AutoCAD application for curtain wall design and facade engineering


ATHENA is the leading AutoCAD based design software for curtain wall design and facade engineering on the market – and not without reason. Our software has been subject to consistent on-going development since 1989 and is used in metal construction companies, design offices and universities – in 12 languages and in more than 70 countries.

Matched exactly to our users’ requirements, ATHENA is a complete software package, offering practically everything to simplify the daily design tasks which confront the designer:

A 2D drawing environment with practical routines and libraries for producing elevations, cross-sections and workshop drawings.
A versatile 3D design section with the possibility of generating parts lists and production drawings automatically from a 3D design.
Powerful computational tools for structural analysis and building physics.
A sheet editing program for sheet design and development.
In addition, ATHENA is independent of profile systems and can be matched to individual needs.
Ideal for international design: ATHENA labels all the customer objects fully automatically and is able to translate a drawing into each of the 13 languages currently contained in ATHENA on the press of a key.


The 2D drawing functions are tuned for the rapid production of section and elevation drawings, plan views and production drawings. Features particularly promoting productivity are the numerous small aids, such as for example, routines for semi-finished items, membranes, thermal insulation, panels or welded seams and the comprehensive standard parts library with 82,000 parts or the tools for managing materials, layers and blocks. A special advantage is that all ATHENA objects are intelligent ARX objects and can be edited with a double click!

The powerful 2D tools of ATHENA increase productivity, save working time and costs and also help the designer to concentrate on the essential aspects of his work.

Sectional drawing:
2d-fassadenanschluss-en-thumbRefined routines simplify the insertion of standard parts, sheet metal sections, sealing material or thermal insulation. Infills such as glazing or panels can be conveniently inserted. The parts labeling is adapted when making changes.

Screwed joint:
2d-verschraubung-en-thumbProgram for generating screwed joints. Using this routine, screwed joints consisting of a number of ATHENA parts (screw, washer, nut, hole), can be generated and also edited. Frequently required screwed joints can be saved in libraries for rapid recall.

Profiled sheet:
2d-formblech-en-thumbThe profiled sheet generator facilitates the fast insertion of trapezoidal or corrugated sheets from various manufacturers. The sheet parameters are defined in a dialog box.

2d-fassadenansicht-en-thumbATHENA offers a number of commands for creating views. Facade and element views can be easily created and modified later.


3D design is used for the free planning of complicated geometries, such as, sloping polygon facades, pyramids, glazed roofs and bays. To achieve this, profiles or profile groups are placed over the axes of a wire model. Cut parts can be automatically computed and the components (e.g., profiles) are output with the cut parts in a parts list or in a drawing. Dedicated master data can be created, containing the profile geometries, material properties, design rules and requirements from production. Based on this master data as well as spatial elements you can design flat elements, such as windows and doors. The 3D design takes into account profile groups, cut parts, processes, sheet metal, glazing and also hardware. It can be displayed as a 3D view, 2D view and through any sections. The extracts can be output as parts lists or as production drawings. An interface to PPC/ERP is available.

Statics and building physics

Always on the safe side. ATHENA’s computational functions for structural analysis and building physics are well-developed tools for the exact determination of, for example, centers of gravity and moments, thermal resistances or sound insulation dimensions. You can conveniently compute the required moments of inertia or maximum deflections.

Thermal resistance
Establishment of thermal resistance values of chosen assemblies. The assemblies can be made of several layers (materials), which can be chosen from an freely extendable library.

Centre of Gravity and moments
This command computes the centre of gravity and the static moments (Ix, Iy, Wx, Wy and area) for single or multiple profiles. The centre of gravity is marked, and its position automatically dimensioned. Ideal for developing project-specific profiles.

Required moment of inertia / deflection
Calculates the required moment of inertia, the maximum deflection and maximum moment for a girder under 14 different load cases. A results table can be inserted, with a diagram of the load case if required.

Panel / solid thickness calculation
Thickness calculation for a panel or solid body under a defined loading case. The Bach plate formula is used as a basis for the computation.

Isothermal computation

ATHENA includes a light version of flixo, the leading technical software for thermal-hygro analysis and reporting (isothermal computation). Now thermal bridges can be detected at the planning stage and eliminated through changes in design.

The special feature with the integration of flixo in ATHENA: A detail drawing produced in ATHENA can be transferred to flixo in one working step. Here, areas and materials (where known) are recognized and arcs are converted into polygons. Material changes or assignments can still be made in the flixo dialog box. After entering the internal and external temperature, a temperature computation is carried out and inserted into the ATHENA drawing.

The previously usual time taken for the transfer of a detail drawing produced in CAD programs into the “Isothermal program” could easily amount to 1.5 hrs. plus the same time for modifications to the detail. The possibility of automatic transfer now reduces the time to the press of a key.

Sheet editing

A constituent part of ATHENA is the complete sheet editing program for the quicker design of sheets with the associated developments. Basic data, such as for example, sheet thickness and bending radius, form the basis of the sheet to be designed. The basic shape is applied to the sheet via a dialog box or from a free ATHENA sheet contour.

ATHENA sheet editingThen, the various edges are set and copied in the easiest way to adjacent or opposite sides. Many different types of joint are available for the folds. Folds appended to a primary surface can be cropped and beveled with an angle.

Visual checks of the sheet shape via the dynamic 3D viewer ensure error-free working.

ATHENA sheet editingHoles or punch-outs can be set in the sheet body at any time. There are basic shapes such as circles, rectangles or free contours available for this purpose. Customized contours can be generated and saved in a library for reuse. The editing processes can be set absolute or associative and rows of punch outs are also possible.

ATHENA sheet editingThe description of the joint formation, which is important for the development, is easily entered in a dialog box, e.g., the gap dimension and nature of the corners of the fold. The computation of the development occurs according to the factor tables normally used in metal construction and can be saved as required.

The produced sheet can be inserted into ATHENA as a development or 3D model. The development can also be saved as a DXF file or transferred to MS Excel.

ATHENA sheet editingApart from normal sheets, composite panels can be processed, e.g., Alucobond and Reynobond. Various types of joint are also available.


AutoCAD versions (64 bit only):

AutoCAD 2016 – 2019
AutoCAD Architecture 2016 – 2019
AutoCAD Mechanical 2016 – 2019
Operating system:
Windows 7, 8 und 10

ATHENA requires the same hardware configuration as AutoCAD.

ATHENA is only 64-bit compatible.

AutoCAD – registered trade mark of Autodesk Inc.
Windows (7, 8, 10) – registered trade marks of Microsoft Inc.